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  • 616 402-1600
  • Provide CAMP #, players name, parents, cell and e-mail
  • Mail in fee to
  • Basics Basketball–18643 N. Fruitport Rd–Spring Lake, MI  49456

Grand Haven/Ferrysburg:  17525 Ridge Ave in Ferrysburg–$100 each

GH-19: July 23-26–U14 Boys–900-1030 AM
GH-20: July 23-26–Def. Position + Scrim–MS/HS Boys–1030-1130 AM
GH-21: July 23-26–U17 Boys–1130-100 PM
GH-22: July 23-26–U10 co-ed–500-630 PM
GH-23: July 23-26–Shooting Camp: ALL AGES–630-730 PM
GH-24: July 23-26–U12 co-ed–730-845 PM
COAST GUARD WEEK July 27-Aug 5: Private Training available
GH-25: Aug 6-9–U14 Girls–900-1030 AM
GH-26: Aug 6-9–Shooting Camp: ALL AGES–1030-1130 AM
GH-27: Aug 6-9–U17 Girls–1130-100 PM
GH-28: Aug 6-9–Guard Play Camp: 14 and older–530-630 PM
GH-29: Aug 6-9–Shooting camp: all ages–630-730 PM
GH-30: Aug 6-9–Ball Handling camp: ALL AGES–730-830 PM
GH-31: Aug 13-16–U14 Boys–900-1030 AM
GH-32: Aug 13-16–Shooting Camp: ALL AGES–1030-1130 AM
GH-33: Aug 13-16–U17 Boys–1130-100 PM
GH-34: Aug 13-16–U10 Co Ed–500-630 PM
GH-35: Aug 13-16–Shooting Camp: ALL AGES–630-730 PM
GH-36: Aug 13-16–U12 Co Ed–730-845 PM

Sunday Skills in Ferrysburg thru Aug 19

  • 500-600 PM Shooting/Ball Handling
  • 600-700 PM Private Training

Rockford:  4890 11 Mile Rd NE–$100 each

R-7: July 23-26–U14 Girls–530-700 PM
R-8: July 23-26–U17 Girls–700-830 PM
R-9: July 30-Aug 2–BOYS POST PLAY CAMP–530-630 PM
R-10: July 30-Aug 2–Shooting Camp: ALL AGES–630-730 PM
R-11: July 30-Aug 2–GIRLS POST PLAY CAMP–730-830 PM
R-12: Aug 6-9–U10 Co-ed–530-700 PM–12 open spots
R-13: Aug 6-9–Ball Handling Camp ALL AGES–700-800 PM
R-14: Aug 13-16–U10 Co-ed–500-615 PM–FULL
R-15: Aug 13-16–Shooting Camp–615-715 PM–FULL
R-15 A: Aug 13-16–U12 Co-ed–715-830 PM–FULL
R-16: Aug 20-23–U14 Boys–530-700 PM
R-17: Aug 20-23–U17 Boys–700-830 PM


Holland:  518 Plasman Ave–$75 each

H-4—July 16-18: 930-1100 AM—U-14 BOYS Skills/Scrimmage
H-5—July 16-18: 1100-1200 PM—Shooting Camp—ALL AGES
H-6—July 16-18: 1200-130 PM—U-17 BOYS Skills/Scrimmage
H-7—July 23-25: 930-1100 AM—U-14 GIRLS Skills/Scrimmage
H-8—July 23-25: 1100-1200 PM—Shooting Camp—ALL AGES
H-9—July 23-25: 1200-130 PM—U-17 GIRLS Skills/Scrimmage
H-10—July 30-Aug 1: 930-1100 AM—U-12 Co-Ed Skills/Scrimmage
H-11—July 30-Aug 1: 1100-1200 PM—Shooting Camp—ALL AGES
H-12—July 30-Aug 1: 1200-130 PM—U-14 BOYS Skills/Scrimmage
H-13—Aug 6-8: 930-1100 AM—U-14 BOYS Skills/Scrimmage
H-14—Aug 6-8: 1100-1200 PM—Ball Handling Camp—ALL AGES
H-15—Aug 6-8: 1200-130 PM—U-17 BOYS Skills/Scrimmage
H-16—Aug 13-15: 930-1030 AM—Shooting Camp—ALL AGES
H-17—Aug 13-15: 1030-1130 AM—Ball Handling Camp—ALL AGES
H-18—Aug 13-15: 1130-1230 PM-Def Position Camp/Scrimmage-AGES 13 +
H-19—Aug 20-22: 930-1100 AM—U-14 GIRLS Skills/Scrimmage
H-20—Aug 20-22: 1100-1200 PM—Shooting Camp—ALL AGES
H-21—Aug 20-22: 1200-130 PM—U-14 BOYS Skills/Scrimmage
Holland Fall IBL and Pre-Season prep coming soon–inquire here

Sunday Skills in Holland thru Aug 19

  • 500-600 PM Shooting/Ball Handling
  • 600-700 PM Private Training


Wyoming:  4201 Burlingame Ave SW– $75 each

WY 9–July 30-Aug 1—-600-730 PM—-U-12 Co-Ed Skills/Scrimmage Camp
WY 10–July 30-Aug 1—-730-830 PM—–Shooting Camp–ALL AGES
WY 11–Aug 6-8—–600-730 PM—-U-14 Girls Skills/Scrimmage Camp
WY 12–Aug 6-8—–730-830 PM—–Shooting Camp–ALL AGES
WY 13–Aug 13-15—-600-730 PM—-U-12 Co-Ed Skills/Scrimmage Camp
WY 14–Aug 13-15—-730-830 PM—-Ball Handling Camp—ALL AGES
WY 15–Aug 20-22——600-730 PM—–U-14 Boys Skills/Scrimmage Camp
WY 16–Aug 20-22——730-830 PM—–Shooting Camp–ALL AGES


Sunday Skills in Wyoming thru Aug 19

  • 500-600 PM Shooting/Ball Handling
  • 600-700 PM Private Training