WINTER TEAMS Try Outs Posted

Middle School Boys only

NOTE: Our teams in the Spring (March Try Outs) include 5th/6th Grade Co-Ed, Middle School girls, Middle School Boys, High School Girls and High School Boys.


Competitive team option for Basics players.  Trained coaching staff teaching solid skill development.  We don’t teach plays, we teach kids how to play.


Try Outs in GR, GH and Holland.


Competition without SHARP SKILLS is NOT advised.  Listen to these 2 Basics Podcasts!!

  1. League Fatigue: do not compete until skills are at least modest, if not sharp
  2. Normal Improvement is actually REALLY difficult because of too many unnecessary obstacles

What is your son’s/daughter’s score on the games most important skill drill-The Mikan Drill-see below.


Never force results in a game as highly skilled as basketball.

For information regarding upcoming Winter Teams contact us at (616) 402-1600 or


We DO NOT BELIEVE in leagues but we do believe in competition with area teams where the goal is improvement and the results have NO MEANING.  We will scrimmage area teams-NO ADMISSION!!  If a spot is offered, Player Costs is ALL IN at $295.

Basics teams will practice twice a week.  We will NOT ENTER local tournaments or leagues but will plays games INTERNALLY and invite other local teams to play as well.  No cost, no admission, no travel, no 4-6 hours in the gym.

Grand Haven

Grand Rapids


Parents who are uncertain about their child’s skill level or what training to sign up for should consider this simple measurement.  Using the progression below (age appropriate and gender specific), identify where your child is on this primary drill-The Mikan Drill.  In 1 minute, how many makes can your kid achieve?  Makes DO NOT COUNT if the weak hand is not used.  We estimate over 90% of the players will be in the AVERAGE category.  Basics believes players who compete without sharp skills will in SHORT ORDER lose interest in the game.  This is the drill being executed correctly by one of our nearly 100 graduates playing college basketball.