Mikan + Reverse Mikan Drill

Crossover Drill

Jump Stops and Pivots

Free Throws

Spin Dribble

Tandem Dribble

Keep the Ball Up

Slide Wide/Protect the Ball

Dot Drill Conditioning

Catch and Shoot Drill

Jump Hook

The Up and Under

Turnaround Jump Shot

Shooting off the Inside Pivot

Catch+Shoot + One Dribble Drives

The most important skill of all

Skills Videos:  Basics You Tube Channel here

Mikan Drill Progressions: What is your kids skill level RIGHT NOW?

The Mikan Drill is regarded as the game’s most important skill drill. Identify where your son/daughter is in this progression to determine their level of skill.  This is a college player (over 200X attending Basics) executing both the Mikan and Reverse Mikan correctly.

One minute drill (1:00), count the makes. The player MUST USE both hands independently or the make does NOT COUNT.