IBL (Instructional Basketball League) --- Grand Haven-Spring Lake

Basics foundational training, IBL combines competitive play with skill development.   No training prepares these players as thoroughly as Basics IBLs, since 2009.   POST: Why Basics players excel

All IBL players receive unlimited SKILLS CLINICS on Saturdays in Ferrysburg-NO EXTRA COST. This includes IBL players from ANY Basics location.

7th Graders to High School

Basics Pre-Season IBLs

will position your son or daughter to be ready for try outs, to perform sharply and with confidence.  We focus on SHARPENING their primary skills (Vision, Footwork and Ball Handling) while also working on their physical and mental toughness training.

Player Stats from 2006-2017

  • MS Boys: 95% made school teams
  • MS Girls: 93% made school teams
  • HS Boys: 94% made school teams
  • HS Girls: 93% made school teams

Since 2012, 47 freshmen called up to varsity, 69 frosh to JV and 87 sophs to varsity. Younger players achieving at HIGHER levels because of SHARPER SKILLS, MENTAL TOUGHNESS and CONDITIONING.

U 10 IBL

“Building the platform”

Our approach with these youngest kids positions them to compete and succeed.  They receive hundreds, possibly thousands of repetitions of the games PRIMARY SKILLS, which are Vision, Footwork and Ball Handling.  We scrimmage at the U-10 level but the scrimmages have very little meaning because the kids skills are so raw. Stronger U-10 players permitted to play at the U-12 level. Most kids are 7 to 10 years of age.

U 12 IBL

“Stretching their Skills”

As the players approach middle school, we REPLICATE the same drills as the older kids and we begin to measure the players’ performance, providing feedback on what is good, better and best.  Our coaches work hard to teach the PRECISE execution of the game’s skills. The scrimmages take on more meaning. Stronger U-12 players permitted to play at the middle school level.  Most kids are 10 to 12 years of age.

Grand Haven IBL

17525 Ridge Ave, Ferrysburg, MI

(Enter gym across the street)

Questions?  Call (616) 402-1600 or Info@BasicsSports.com.


U-10 IBL: Co-Ed

U-12 IBL: Co-Ed

Pre-Season IBL: BOYS

Pre-Season IBL: GIRLS