• Limited number of attendees at all times.
  • We patiently work closely with each player regardless of skill level.
  • Weave into our instruction the values of hard work, listening skills, individual responsibility and other key life traits that plainly apply on and off the court.  We mentor and model appropriately at all times.

3 BASICS ALUMNI AP Michigan High School Players of the Year

Abby Cole, Evan Bruinsma, Taylor Richards


Basics has a unique place in the community.  We are as interested in each player’s development OFF the court as we are in that player’s development ON the court. Our level of trust is high with the families that honor us with their kids’ time. Because we have no direct affiliation with any single program(s), we have no fear of stepping on toes or program biases.  We tell the truth, ALWAYS EMPHASIZING what is best for your son or daughter.



  • H.S. Basketball Coach, Fairfield Prep
  • New England Basketball Hall of Fame–Primary Influence: Intelligence often defeats athleticism (He is talking to Coach McGannon here:  “PLEASE get a rebound!”


  • Head Basketball Coach Dartmouth College
  • Princeton point guard with Bill Bradley, Final 4 team mid-1960’s
  • Retired Princeton Athletic Director–Primary Influence: Confidence is earned through hard work and determination


  • Voted greatest Coach in ANY SPORT of all time.
    10 NCAA D-1 Championships:  7 in a row (never to be broken)
    88 game consecutive winning streak (still the record)
    Developed the Pyramid of Success- see BELOW
    Was a teacher first and foremost.  Coach Wooden was all about his players’ development ON AND OFF the court.

Primary Influence:

  1. Compete first with yourself, everyday, all day in every circumstance
  2. Measure your progress. Don’t guess.  (If you do not know how to measure your progress, ASK)
  3. Commit yourself to a program for IMPROVEMENT.  Honor your commitment.
  4. Practice/study/eat/sleep/communicate/care/cooperate the right way all the time because time is of the essence.  There are no tricks.  There are no shortcuts.