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My parents were extraordinary people.  They were fair and firm parents.  They provided wonderful guidance to their 10 children, of which I was 9th in line.  They stressed the importance of a solid education, hard work and perseverance.  They weren’t perfect. We learned as much from their foibles and idiosyncrasies as from their discipline and time-tested guidance.

There were no preconceived notions of what we should do, what we might do or where we might go.  We were taught that the sky is the limit, aim high, learn from your mistakes and accept outcomes with grace and humility.  Taking chances, risking things was encouraged.

All those who wander, we were taught, are not necessarily lost.

Coach with the original Coach 

Being the 2nd to last child in a family of 10 is quite the placement.  It is a further testament to my parents that my older brothers and sisters were so patient, caring and loving.    You can imagine how many moving parts there might be at any given time in a household with that many feet running around! (5 on 5 Full Court!)  And being nearly the youngest in that setting could be wonderful but also dangerous at the same time!  My older siblings were protective and wonderful teachers themselves.  They cared for me, they were patient, they were loving. My brothers and sisters fully participated in my development as a coach, as those 3 traits (patience, caring, love) are in my coaching DNA