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Spring Team Uniform and Shooting Shirt Sponsorships 

  • Due date:  March 15 BUT—see next point
  • 1st in WINS, max of 6 sponsors (may be fewer if a business wants a larger LOGO on the shooting shirts)  3 of 6 spots taken, 3 are open 
  • $500
  • Includes your company’s logo on the scrolling slide show WITH LINK at the bottom of this (and ALL) pages


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Those of you that may be new to Basics, please consult our Culture page and/or our Media page to learn more about our approach to Youth Sports.


Example of a Page partnership here

  • 1 month: $200
  • 6 months: $400
  • 12 months: $500
  • 24 months: $750

Call Coach McGannon with any questions to 616 402-1600.