Austin Bykerk, Calvin College Class of 2018.  Which one is Austin in 2011 scrolling image?  Austin attended Basics over 100 X.



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  • Topics Include: Youth Basketball Tournaments, why Normal Improvement is so difficult, Conflicts with other sports, Playing with Friends, the state of Michigan, Patience and Gratitude, how we can tell IN ONE MINUTE if your kid is ready to compete, Coach Wooden, showcases, Mental Strength training.


  • Topics Include: Summer Sanity (WAY too much basketball), Tips for Try Outs, Normal Improvement, Confidence, League Fatigue


  • Basics Video Training including, the Mikan Drill, the Cross Over Dribble, creating space, SHOOTING extension, Ball Control drills, the Runner, the Step Back, Bank Shots, Jump Stops and Pivots, the Catch and Shoot, Free Throws, the Spin Dribble, the Jump Hook, Shooting off the Inside Foot and others

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