Mental Strength Training

Can now be IN PERSON or Virtually

By appointment only  

1 player ONLY at a time

Coach McGannon does all mental strength sessions.  It is not lost on me in these uncharted times that this service can provide a sense of stability and perspective for the kids

Effective for all sports.  Coach McGannon has worked with players from the following sports:  basketball, baseball, football, golf, volleyball, track, hockey, lacrosse, tennis, figure skating, gymnastics.


“Coach we are deeply grateful Basics also addresses the mental side of the game.   He has always been the best player, but is so hard on himself.  He has always gotten in his own way.  The hour he spent with you really opened his eyes.  His confidence level is much higher now.  How he thinks AFFECTS how he plays.  THANK YOU!!” 


“We are so glad you spoke with him. It is a huge help to us as parents. When you addressed setbacks and adversity, this was EXACTLY what he needed to hear.  Kids nowadays are used to instant gratification at a cost to their well being.   This service is a powerful tool to help these youngsters learn and thrive.”

Players and programs will take an assessment that measures strengths and weaknesses in the following categories:
  1. Confidence
  2. Failure/Success
  3. Commitment
  4. Attitude


Coach McGannon and the player will then connect via Zoom or Face Time.  Then an honest discussion/dialogue begins.  Players and teams must know their is NO JUDGEMENT in this analysis, but a clear eyed understanding of how and why players think poorly in any number of competitive situations.

Mental Strength training principles and actual TOOLS for handling weaknesses in EACH CATEGORY will be shared.

EXAMPLE:  Players who score low in handing failure or poor play often struggle with getting past these failures quickly and effectively.  This inability to handle poor play often affects their play going forward, even in the SAME GAME or competition.    Basics Mental Strength Training will provide tools to help these players/programs in situations like this, and many others.

  • By appointment only.
  • Contact Coach McGannon to sign up at (616) 402-1600 or
  • INDIVIDUAL COST: $95  (1 player only)
  • TEAM COST: Please inquire

Coach McGannon played professional golf for 5 years, and that experience is at the center of this training.