Offense/defense and move with a purpose

As of this writing in late 2018, Basics now has 102 program graduates who have played or are playing college basketball—11 of those players at the D-1 level.


In my opinion, one of the primary reasons why we have so many kids at these highest levels is we TEACH AWARENESS.  Awareness is a skill, a skill so CENRAL TO THE GAME, this explains why this block resides DEAD CENTER of the pyramid.  In fact, every single skill requires awareness , KEEN AWARENESS, for that player to excel.


  • Beginning players–Be AWARE who you are guarding, point to that player “MY MAN!”, don’t let that player beat you down the court,  When you PASS the ball, CUT HARD, either to the basket OR away from the ball, move to OPEN SPACE, not just to the ball.
  • Intermediate players–DEFENSE: Below the line (positioning), opponents strengths/weaknesses, OFFENSE: Space the floor, sharp cuts to space, setting proper screens, shot selection
  • Advanced players–Honesty with yourself about your skill/condition. Understanding and taking advantage of matchups.  DEFENSE: Jump to the ball, stab and recover, taking charges OFFENSE: Use of screens, Set up defender, different kinds of cuts, timing on cuts, fakes, passes, etc.  Being aware of MATCH UPS and then taking advantage of any mis-matches.