Mental Strength

Resilience, confidence, coachability


“Given 2 players or teams of equal skill and conditioning, the more mentally tough player or team will win almost EVERY TIME.  In my experience, I have also seen MANY TIMES more mentally tough teams defeat physically superior, more athletic teams”.  Coach McGannon 


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The mentally toughest game of all:  Golf


Topics: Confidence, handling difficult circumstances, process goals, dealing with failure AND success, self image, preparation, staying in the present, handling anger/frustration, the conscious mind of the player, trust, limits, mistakes, practice and game habits, fear, commitment, patience, intensity levels, how to preserve energy, the critical nature of routines, self criticism, compassion, pride, visualization, influence.


Athletics (and many other parts of our lives) are made up of 2 primary parts:

  1. The physical side
  2. The mental side


It is astonishing to Basics how many players and even programs devote all or nearly effort to the physical side of the game. These players and teams are essentially applying a HALF EFFORT to the competition.

  • Beginning players:  behave appropriately, be respectful, always try hard, positive attitude


  • Intermediate players: maintain composure, positive attitude even under duress, accepts poor play/outcomes and keeps trying


  • Advanced players: unselfish, coachable, able to stay even keeled, not too high, not too low, accepts outcomes with grace and humility, channels frustration and anger productively, NEVER EVER BLAMES, resilient, understands the strengths AND weaknesses of the opponent


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