Consistent form, soft touch


Most young players can not shoot well.  Even into high school, we see the majority of players unable to make even open shots  Why is this?


  1. Form precedes function.  Proper shooting form is not taught enough.
  2. Even when shooting form is taught, the players are often thrust into competition WAY TOO QUICKLY.  With their form in development, their ability to improve is actually STUNTED via competition.
  3. Plain and simple–kids do not get enough shooting repetitions.  Execution with NO THOUGHT is a habit.  Kids must be able to pull the trigger quickly with proper form.  This is accomplished in 1 way only–via thousands and thousands of practice repetitions.  There are no tricks.  There are no short cuts.


  • Beginning players:  proper ball position, coordinated leg drive at release, off hand falls off just prior to release, begin teaching wrist snap to create rotation
  • Intermediate players:  reinforce all of the above, introduce primary shooting footwork–JUMP STOPS and PIVOTS.
  • Advanced players: reinforce all of the above, sharpen ball fakes (up fakes, hesitation moves, pass fakes), teach primary shots like the jump shot, the runner, the step back, the 3 point shot, the jump hook, the turnaround and others.  See videos below.


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