The single most important skill


The 2nd of 3 Cornerstones of our Pyramid.  As is the case with cornerstones generally, the structure COLLAPSES with out a balanced, secure and powerful cornerstone.

A little GEOMETRY lesson 1st.  The major sports of football, soccer and basketball are all played on a RECTANGULAR surface.

  1. How many basketball courts fit on a football field?  12
  2. How many basketball courts fit on a soccer field?     15
  3. HECK, they play baseball in a PARK!!

Why is this important?  SPACE!!!

Of all the major sports, BY FAR basketball has the smallest playing surface.  It’s really not even close as illustrated in these comparisons with other major sports.  Because the surface is so SMALL, it’s easy to understand why VISION is the single most important skill in the game and why it is a CORNERSTONE to competitive play.  There is very little time, the space is so limited, only 5 players can compete at 1 time.  This all adds up to VISION being the predominant skill in the game.  NOTHING GOOD HAPPENS if the player can not see the court. In fact……

"If you can't see, you can't play."  Coach McGannon
  • Beginning players–always, always, ALWAYS see the court with or without the ball, Look UP the court when dribbling, be able to “pass ahead” when you run try to see the court while you run, learn to also BACK PEDDLE and see the court
  • Intermediate players– Recognition skills–to see and understand situations, full court vision (look on the opposite side of the court and DOWN the court), develop anticipation skills, sees space on the court and moving toward open spots on the court 
  • Advanced players–Sharp offensive and defensive recognition skills, sees double teams and react accordingly, sees cuts and movements as they begin to occur, look away to sell fakes, defensively seeing and anticipating your opponents movements (learning to draw OFFENSIVE fouls), forcing your opponent to their weaker hand, seeing match up advantages and disadvantages and reacting accordingly,  


Basics does NOT SUBSCRIBE to the current model of travel, competition and CONSTANT play as youngsters develop in any sport.  We know that emphasizing skills and school and appropriate adult modeling for these kids MUST COME FIRST.  If you are interested in learning the Basics methodology for your program, your school district or your child, you are encouraged to explore the web site, the Pyramid of Skill, CALL or EMAIL with any questions.  616 402-1600   Thank you





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