Sandy Hook Outreach Program - December 26, 27 2017


  • Assist Basics with travel expenses.
  • Help with t-shirts
  • Come with us!


Coach Jim McGannon


Our Connection

Basics Sports was blessed with the opportunity to run basketball training in Newtown, CT beginning in 2013.  Coach McGannon grew up in nearby Norwalk, CT, attended high school at Fairfield Prep and played many times in Newtown and Sandy Hook as a youth.  Since the tragic events of 2012, we have participated over the Christmas Break by running skills training, giving back whatever it is we can in support of that community.  Many thanks go out to the Newtown Youth Academy’s directors, Cody Foss and Dorrie Carolan, who spearheaded and approved Basics participation.

Importance of Community Outreach

We believe our participation in Newtown is a strong example for your kids about community service and giving of yourself to those in need.  This year, we would LOVE to have your family attend with us!

2016 dates: December 28 and 29

We need donated shirts if anyone would like to participate.  100 shirts X $5:  $500, which will be paid directly to the shirt manufacturer.

Newtown Shirt

Newtown Youth Academy Training, IN CT

Dec. 28 and 29

Weds Dec. 28

  • 1000-1100 AM   Shooting
  • 1100-1200 PM   6th-8th Grade Boys Skills/Scrimmage
  • Noon-100 PM   Ball Handling
  • 100-200 PM      Shooting

Thurs Dec. 29

  • 1000-1100 AM   Shooting
  • 1100-1200 PM   6th-8th Grade Boys Skills/Scrimmage