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E-mail us your child’s name, age, and the camp you are interested in.  SPACE IS LIMITED.  REGISTER TODAY.  Call with questions at 847.638.6001.



17525 Ridge Ave

Ferrysburg, MI  49409

Gym is across the street


1.5 Hour Camps: $195

Buy 2: $180 each

Buy 3: $160 each

Buy 4+: $145 each

1 Hour Skills Camps: $125
Cost based on total camps purchased, including sibs and/or buddies


$35 per day, or $90 for all three dates

Summer Camp info coming soon!!

What level should my daughter sign up for?

Level 1: Basic introduction to the sport.  Foot work, basic passing and setting skills, proper serving form.  Level 1 is a great way to learn the sport and build the foundation for future play.  Level 1 is not competitive.


Level 2: More advanced skill development and some level of competition.  Players choosing Level 2 instruction should be comfortable and confident with the game’s basic principles (taught in Level 1) of footwork in passing, setting, and hitting.  In addition, Level 2 players should consistently be able to pass free balls to target, set a high ball outside, and serve the ball in bounds with proper form 80% of the time.  In Level 2, players will be taken to the next level of volleyball, which includes but is not limited to, individual blocking/digging, attacking from all positions, pressure serving, team serve receive, setting and hitting strategies, and coach-led live play.


Level 3: Advanced and competitive volleyball.  Players should have a keen understanding of the game, it’s timing, anticipation, movement and real awareness of the court and how the game flows.  HIGH SCHOOL PLAYERS please note: the resource you have in Coach Matthews is phenomenal.  Take advantage of her experience and ability to teach.  You will become a more complete, competitive volleyball player.