Basics helps develop the players to their full potential ON and OFF the court.   Basics players receive strong direction with skills that apply whether they have a ball in their hands or not.  School is first always, respect for one another, hard work, showing up on time, making eye contact, learning from mistakes, handling disappointment, frustration and defeat, winning and losing with dignity, developing poise and composure, improving listening skills are just a few of the traits that apply to competitive players on and off the court.


There are numerous avenues of development young players may choose to help achieve their goals.  These goals may range from making their middle school team to playing professional basketball. Basics is one of many entities providing such an opportunity.  While Basics is not the only way, we have provided significant development for many of our participants and aided in helping them reach their potential.  To date (2020) Basics has 117 program graduates playing in college, including 11 at the D-1 level.

Basics approach is based squarely on the shoulders of UCLA’s Coach John Wooden.  Wooden Comments

Our technical approach to the game is based on great conditioning, teaching the players to UNDERSTAND the skills, unmatched defensive intensity and a team wide discipline rooted in hard work, sharp execution and team work.


  • in helping kids become the best players they can become while assisting them in their growth, maturity and development off the playing surface.
  • in ONLY a limited number of players at one time to allow kids to pay attention and stay on task.
  • that kids can excel and reach their potential without travel.
  • that players younger than 13 should never be cut.
  • that parents have only 2 roles: spectate and support.
  • that competition does not equal competitive growth.
  • our coaches must be trained, motivated, committed, capable, patient and caring.
  • kids who can not afford to play should be given the opportunity to play anyway.
  • athletics are fertile ground for helping teach kids about life.

We believe Basics training is the most competitive training anywhere.  Over 90% of our players make their school teams and we have had over 100 graduates now playing at the college level.



  1. On the board of No More Sidelines; Special Needs kids
  2. Yearly visits to Sandy Hook in Newtown, CT in memory of that 2012 massacre.  Over $20,000 raised so far
  3. Assisting kids in need via a Memorial Fund, please inquire:


  1. What Athletic Director’s Need Most: 8:08



  1. Building Confidence, Handling Failure/Mistakes and establishing the essential Commitment/Attitude required to compete