NEW this Spring: Mental Strength Training for U14 and U17 players




As of this writing Basics has 117 program graduates playing college basketball (or who have played).  12 D-1.  Competition is incidental to a player’s competitiveness.  It plays a role, but it plays NO ROLE without sharp skills, superior conditioning and mental strength.  Without this 3 legged stool, competition is not advised.  1:45 Train to Compete:  The 3 Legged Stool


SEE OUR PYRAMID OF SKILL HERE.  The top block, COMPETITION, is defined as “Winning, or having chance to win.”   The fact of the matter is most players and teams have little chance of winning because they have poor skills, average conditioning and they do not think correctly. (Mental Strength Training here)


NOTE: Of course we have to compete at some point.  A FRACTION of kids (less than 3%) are ready to compete.  Basics recommends competitive scrimmaging coupled with constant coaching reinforcement.  We also MEASURE many of the skills so players (and parents) actually know where they are on the skill spectrum.    See 2:24 Candid Shots Video log on The Mikan Drill, WITH NUMBERS ATTACHED by age and gender.   And the Plus 1 Minus 1 Shooting Drill here with numbers attached.   Where is your child in the progression of skill?   90% + are AVERAGE or below.



When are try outs?
  • March 2021.  U14 and U 17 teams only.
  • NO TRY OUTS for U12 teams.  The fee secures the player’s spot. 
Are there cuts?
  • Yes for ages 13 and older.  No for ages 12 and younger
  • For ages 12 and younger, the fee is due to secure a roster spot.  NO TRY OUTS, NO CUTS.
  • For U-12 players ONLY–More info here.  TIP–1st come 1st serve
  • Why we do NOT CUT at this young age–POST
Are there advanced teams?
  • Yes.  Based on try outs we will compose teams in both the U-14 and U-17 divisions of players who demonstrate they belong with more competitive players.
  • PARENTS–we understand the allure of “travel” and “elite” teams.  Take a few minutes and PLEASE listen to our 4:41 Candid Shots video log on Developing an Elite Athlete.  It DOES NOT MATTER who your kid is playing for in the off season.  What matters is “Are they practicing properly and are they improving? Are they building competitive habits?”
  • NOTE: Players often PLATEAU and stop improving for various reasons.  Chief among these reasons is they de-emphasize the skill work and emphasize the games and competitions.  Coach Izzo said it concisely:  “Skills defeat athleticism.”    See 4:24 video on WHY NORMAL IMPROVEMENT IS SO DIFFICULT.
Where do the teams practice?
  • Rockford, Ferrysburg, Fruitport and Forest Hills.   Possibly Byron Center
Where + when are tournaments?
When and how often are practices?
  • Each team practices TWO TIMES EACH WEEK.
  • Schedule is available AFTER try outs.
Are there Sunday practices?
  • Sunday is a day of rest.  We try as best as we can to avoid Sundays. 
When does the season begin + end?
  • Try outs are in March, we begin practices after Spring Break
  • We end in late May or early June
  • We do not believe in organized summer basketball.  See below.
What are the costs?
  • $595.  Half ($300) is due to secure the spot.  Second half ($295) due April 1.
  • SIBLING DISCOUNTS: if sibs play, please take $50 OFF each sibs fee in the spring program
  • Fee includes: Tourney fees, Shooting Shirt, Basics uniform, Basics socks, unlimited skills clinics  at ANY Basics gym
  • All U14 and U17 players will get a Mental Strength Training assessment and meeting with Coach McGannon
  • OPPORTUNITY for excellent business exposure and affiliation with Basics:  Shooting Shirts
What about Summer Basketball?
What else?
  • No try outs for U12 Co-Ed Division.  The fee will secure the spot  ($595, half due to secure that spot:  $300) 
  • All Basics Spring Players may attend an UNLIMITED NUMBER of Spring skills sessions at no additional AT ANY GYM.
  • We may arrange SCRIMMAGING with area teams.  No cost, no travel, no refs, no uniforms, no admission, no results which all EQUALS a superior competitive experience in every way.
  • Players may join OTHER PRACTICES on OTHER DATES at no extra cost if space is available.  It almost always is.  ANY GYM.
  • We have found a LARGE DISCREPANCY often in the skills of players at U14 and U17.  This year, we may offer  more ADVANCED/SELECT teams at these divisions BASED ON THEIR TRY OUT PERFORMANCE.
  • All U14 and U17 players qualify for a Mental StrengthTraining assessment with Coach McGannon ($95 value)
  • Listen to Basics Podcast:  Tips for Try Outs.  Great advice.
  • TIP for kids considering “Elite”, Exposure camps:  DON’T.  Listen to this Candid Shots video log on the topic.   Also known as “Showcases.”
  • Summer camps right around the corner!
  • All spring team players get 50% OFF a college player profile if they have the goal and ambition AND SKILL to play at the next level.