This page is PURPOSEFULLY not visible on the  web site.  Why?  Because Basics does not like what we see in the recruiting industry.  There are too many star makers, too many needle-in-the-haystack approaches, too many promises that should never be made in the first place.  This service works but we will NOT offer it to a player unless in our opinion they have a legitimate shot at the next level  (less than 1% are in this category)  So this page will only be shared internally.

TIP: if your son or daughter is NOT the best player on his/her high school team, it is highly likely they will not play at the college level.  This does not mean they should stop working to become the best player, and maybe even achieving that goal.  But what it does mean is this service should NOT be chosen until they are in that category.

We give parents our honest assessment of the player’s skills and what is needed to have a shot at the college level.  The most effective time to start this service is your child’s Freshman or Sophmore year of high school.  This testimonial is a strong indication how effective this service is and can be.

“Basics Player Profiles have been instrumental in my son being recruited and now playing at Columbia University in New York. (FOOTBALL)  Coach McGannon takes a hands on approach, communicating directly with the coaching staffs at the schools Ian was interested in.  The process was amazingly simple and effective and comes highly recommended.”    Jim Tyler


COST:  $750

  • $375 for the actual profile
  • $375 for direct college coaching staff communication from Basics
  • Many parents get the profile 1st, and then add the communication element the player’s JUNIOR/SENIOR year.

Pictured below.  Three (3) Associated Press Michigan High School Players of the Year.

Left to right

  1. Abby Cole:  Grand Haven HS and the University of Michigan
  2. Evan Bruinsma: WMC and the University of Detroit
  3. Taylor Richards: Fruitport Calvary Christian  and Cornerstone University

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