Pre-Season Prep: 14th year

Middle School and High School Players

MS= 7th-8th Graders    HS = 9th-12th Graders

Over 90% of the players make their school teams

Basics podcast: Tips for Try Outs -16:52

Players from every school district in West Michigan have played in our Pre-Season Prep

  • For 6th Graders + younger go to our IBL page.
  • STRONG 6th graders encouraged to play HERE, with 7th/8th Graders
  1. Ferrysburg: 17525 Ridge Ave-gym is across the street
  2. Rockford: 4890 11 Mile Rd
  3. Belmont:6369 Belmont Ave NE
  4. Byron Center: 9930 Burlingame SW
  5. Forest Hills: 4025 Knapp St
  6. Holland: 518 Plasman Ave


  • Click on which location, time and training you would like.  Basics will confirm receipt with an e-mail and if space is available.  Then mail in the fee as directed in the return e-mail.

Ferrysburg--17525 Ridge Ave

Belmont--6369 Belmont Ave NE

Rockford--4890 11 Mile Rd NE

Holland--518 Plasman Ave

Byron Center-9930 Burlingame Ave SW

Forest Hills-4025 Knapp St NE