CRUNCH TIME: make the right decision for your kids

Time is Short.  Choose Basics

The key to growth and development in basically ANY endeavor is repetition.  This is a LAW OF LEARNING and is life long.   Basics is all about repetition, giving these kids the required reps to improve. The status quo is the opposite, the status quo is about playing and competition and outcomes. Repetitions are not even in the equation and it’s the main reason why so many kids cannot play.  They are unprepared.

I often want to just SCREAM OUT “PARENTS!!  THINK!  Time is short.  If you want your son or daughter to excel, NOW IS THE TIME for improvement and repetition.”  Don’t delay.

It’s difficult to explain to parents that competition is about the last thing these kids need. Competition and competitive growth are barely related. The ugly fact is many kids get worse when they compete, because they don’t have sharp skills to begin with.  How are they going to improve by competing when their skills are weak or even moderate?

Competition does NOT sharpen skills.  Competition REVEALS skill.

Whether your son or daughter is the VERY BEST player or just scratching to make a team, Basics is the right choice.  Players who attend our training will improve.


  1. Crunch Time podcast: 7:49  Ages 10-13
  2. The code of Travel Teams: 5:11
  3. The Mikan Drill.  WHAT IS YOUR NUMBER?  I mean REALLY???  If the kid isn’t in the excellent category, why in the world would parents pay all that $$ when the kid can’t play to begin with?  2:30
  4. A Memorial Fund to help kids in need.  We never say no!  2:30
  5. Mental Strength Champions:  4:11

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