Wed 11/30/22 - Thu 12/01/22    
9:30 pm - 12:45 pm


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At Tri County HS in Howard City

  1. Wrestling
  2. Competitive Cheer
  3. Boys Basketball
  4. Girls Basketball
These 4 programs at Tri County HS will meet with Coach McGannon in December to discuss the results of the mental strength assessments they will have taken and learn the 4 key tools to mental strength.
Call 616 402-1600 or email info@basicssports.com to learn more about this valuable service.


Typical answer to 1 statement on the assessment:

I recall my good play more often than I recall my mistakes”. Answer:  Sometimes or quite often NEVER.

What this means is this player dwells on mistakes and poor outcomes, REDUCING THEIR COMPETITIVENESS IMMEDIATELY.    This training will right the ship in this instance as well as delve into other issues of mental toughness such as fear, anxiety, caring too much, peer pressure, the ills of social media among MANY other factors that define mentally tough (or weak) players and programs.  Also available in a 1 v 1 setting with Coach McGannon here.


  1. Register.  Assessment will be sent to you.
  2. Fill out and Submit assessment
  3. Meet with Coach McGannon: Bio here


  1. Parents, Coaches, AD’s, administrators may attend at NO COST
  2. TIP: Do this work.  It gives the players or team a CLEAR ADVANTAGE especially in tight contests.  See COMMENTS HERE

NOTE: Individual programs (EX: a football team, a volleyball team, etc) can reserve a spot solely for that team or program.  Inquire to 616 402-1600 or info@basicssports.com.


This session is full. Check other dates for openings.