Coaching Seminar: Fruitport HS

Sat 01/29/22

1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

If you would like Coach McGannon to come to your community, please call 616 402-1600 or e-mail for more information.

Basketball is the most over-coached and under-taught game in the world.  Imagine if youth coaches understood the primary skills, the drills required to build those skills and then the tools needed to reinforce those skills?   In a nutshell, this is what a Basics Coaching Seminar achieves.  Run by Coach McGannon, biography here.

If your community is interested in a coaching seminar, please call 616 402-1600 or e-mail Coach at

  1. How to build a practice plan in an age appropriate manner
  2. What skill drills to teach and reinforce
  3. How to MEASURE skill development 
  4. How to use the scrimmage as an instructional tool
  5. Game management 

Three (3) Associated Press Michigan High School Players of the Year

L-R:  Cole (Grand Haven and U of M), Bruinsma (WMC and U of Detroit), Richards (Calvary and Cornerstone)

These 3 players attended Basics training over 300 X between them.

Fruitport HS
357 N. 6th Ave
Fruitport, MI 49415


This session is full. Check other dates for openings.