U12 IBL 3/3: Final date

Thu 03/03/22

5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

NEXT UP:  Spring Teams in Rockford:  Info here

  • Since 2009.  The Instructional Basketball League (IBL): 2:56 Video
  • SKILLS, CONDITIONING and SCRIMMAGING: Grab a Ball Handling spot at 630 PM. 
  • The IBL has no peer in preparing kids to compete
  • Limited to 12 players.

NOTE: Players who not possess STRONG, repeatable skills and then play in LEAGUES/Tournaments will not improve.  Competition and competitive growth are BARELY RELATED.    See 3 Legged Stool Video on Skill Development here:  2:45

Over 90% of players who attend make their school teams.

EXAMPLE: How to defend in relation to the ball’s position.  2:28

Forest Hills (Knapp)
4025 Knapp Street NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525


ONLY online registration has been closed for this session, however, spaces may still be available. Contact us at 616-402-1600 or info@basicssports.com for updated pricing and to register.