Caddied for the King in a 1994 practice round for the US Senior Open, at Pinehurst # 2.  Are you a golf junkie?  Read post “Arnie and Me.”


Private lessons are available when the grass is green with Coach Jim McGannon.


Coach played professional golf for 5 years, based in Pinehurst, North Carolina.  His experiences there as caddie master at historic Pinehurst # 2 are highlighted in a 1994 Rick Reilly article in Sports Illustrated.  It’s a look at the game through the eyes of a DWINDLING (and now nearly extinct) species:  the Caddie.


Kids who choose our Mental Strength Training service will get an inside look at handling adversity, failure, building routines, confidence issues, commitment/attitude, practice habits, visualization and many other traits great players share.

  • Member, Dartmouth College golf team
  • Dartmouth College Golf Champion, 1981

All Personal Training sessions are 1 hour in length.  Playing lessons are longer

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Coach wins Muskegon County Senior and County OPEN in the same year:  Article


Costs: 1 session: $95   2: $160   3: $210  Adding a playing lesson is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for course management SKILLS.

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