“Coach we are deeply grateful Basics also addresses the mental side of the game.   He has always been the best player, but is so hard on himself.  He has always gotten in his own way.  The hour he spent with you really opened his eyes.  How he thinks AFFECTS how he plays.  THANK YOU!!” 

Mental Strength Training

  • Registration is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.
  • Call or e-mail with any questions or to set up training sessions. (616) 402-1600 or info@basicssports.com.
  • COST: $95
  • NOTE: 1 session should be sufficient but a refresher just before try outs or a pressure related game/tourney is often helpful.


It is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED for middle school and high school players to embrace this work, to exercise their mental and emotional strengths as they do their physical practice.  To reach one’s potential, sharp and efficient execution of both is required.  THE VAST MAJORITY OF PLAYERS DO NOT SHARPEN THEIR MENTAL ACUITY, and as such can be considered HALF a player only.


All Mental Strength Training with Coach McGannon.


When there are 2 players or teams of comparable or equal skill and athleticism, the player or team that is mentally stronger will win almost every time.


Likewise, it is NOT UNCOMMON for a player or team who may be less athletically gifted but mentally stronger to DEFEAT a more athletic, physically superior team.


Basics Mental Strength Training, rooted in Coach McGannon’s 5 years in professional golf, can substantially increase a player’s or team’s competitive edge by teaching them to THINK correctly.


PLEASE NOTE: while there can be extraordinary benefit to this training, the player must FIRST possess 2 key traits:


  • Sharp skills/strong conditioning
  • A willingness to OPEN UP verbally and HONESTLY address strengths and weaknesses



  • Playing as if the outcome does not matter is almost ALWAYS PREFERABLE to caring too much.
  • At any given moment, your self-image as a player is like a running total of all the thoughts you have about yourself and your game.  Treat yourself with respect.
  • If your self-image is poor, work on it as you would your physical fitness, seeking steady, gradual improvement.


Pictured below: Coach McGannon caddying for Arnold Palmer in the 1994 US Senior Open in Pinehurst.  Coach played professional golf for 5 years, attempting the PGA Tour qualifying school twice.  This experience was FILLED with mental strength training exercises which will be shared and taught with this service.  For golf junkies only; short story “Arnie and me


Coach McGannon won both the Senior Open and Open (all ages) Muskegon county championships recently, the only player to win both in the same year.  Article here


All Mental Strength Training sessions are 1 hour in length.


Contact Coach Jim with questions or to schedule appointment at (616) 402-1600 or info@basicssports.com.