Private Training for 4 to 8 players.  Can be conducted at a Basics gym or at your gym.  We do NOT coordinate the rosters.

Small Group Training can be VERY IMPACTFUL as the player numbers are small and the training precise.

Small Group Training--Pick a gym

  1. This service is PRIVATE TRAINING for small groups.  Basics DOES NOT COORDINATE the roster.
  2. LOCATION:  Your gym or if given notice, one of our gyms.  Can be conducted ANYWHERE in the Midwest.
  3. For a look at key skills and drills employed, see our Video Skills Channel here.
  4. Small Group Training available this summer in Holland and Rockford


  1. 4 player minimum, 8 player max
  2. Costs below, call or e-mail to identify dates, times, location and to register
  3. 616 402-1600


  1. 1-3 sessions: $50 per player  (EX: $150 per player for 3 sessions)
  2. 4-6 sessions: $40 per player per session  (EX: $160 per player for 4 sessions)
  3. Basics will assist those in financial need via our Memorial Fund.  The fee will NEVER prevent a player from attending.
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