11th Year

New in ’22: All U14 + U17 players receive a mental strength training assessment and training with Coach McGannon as part of their team fee


Open Roster Spots Remaining

Rockford:  Practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays 530-700 PM   6060 Belding Rd

  • U12 Co-Ed:  2 open spots beginning April 12    REGISTER
  • U14 Co-Ed:  2 open spots beginning April 12    REGISTER

Ferrysburg:  Practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays    17520 Ridge Ave

  • U12 Co-Ed:  530-700 PM   1 open spot beginning April 12  REGISTER
  • U14/17 Girls: 700-830 PM  FULL

Fruitport:  Mondays and Wednesdays    5873 Kendra Rd

  • U14 Boys: 600-730 PM   2 open spots  beginning April 11   REGISTER
  • U17 Boys: 730-900 PM   beginning April 11   FULL

Call/text 616 402-1600 or e-mail info@basicssports.com to grab a remaining spot

By many measurements, less than 1% of high school varsity players play in college, at ANY LEVEL.  Since 2011, of the Basics U17 players who have played with us in the spring, 9% have made it to the college level.   Why and how? Because we know competition and competitive growth are BARELY related AND we also know that outcomes in non-scholastic basketball games have no real meaning.   When good coaches reinforce these principles, the players basically have no choice but to improve.  The emphasis is ON DEVELOPMENT, not outcomes.

Spring Team Sponsorships

  • Only 6 businesses permitted, $500
  • Sponsorships must be approved first, call Coach McGannon 616 402-1600
  • Examples abound in the slide show above

NEW in 22!  All players on U14 and U17 teams receive a mental strength assessment and meeting with Coach McGannon