U-10/U-12 SPRING TEAMS 2021

Our approach with these age groups: 3:40

begins week of April 12, 2021

NO Try-outs, NO Travel, NO Weekend practices

Forest Hills, Rockford and Lakeshore.

  • NO TRAVEL, 2 practices weekly, 2 Basics run tourneys.  DONE early June.
  • UNLIMITED SKILLS sessions at any gym, no extra cost
  • TOURNEY FEES included.  INFO and DATES here.
  • Small private gyms, no crowds, limited player numbers  
  • Teams are limited to 7 or 8 players
  • Players may fill in at OTHER PRACTICES, no extra cost
  • Scrimmaging with local teams arranged:  No extra cost.  EX HERE
  • Uniform and shooting shirt included.   EX HERE 
  • U14 and U17 teams also here
  • Sponsorship of Shirts/Uniforms available.  Need JPG by April 1
  • Shooting Shirts/Uniforms EX HERE.  3 of 6 spots taken.  $500
  • Season ending picnic with basketball in June!
  • $595.  Siblings $50 off each sib.  We offer installments as well. 
  • Advanced U12 players encouraged to also TRY OUT for a U14 team.
  • Basics HIGHLY ENCOURAGES this practice of Playing UP. 
  • Installments available.  Call Coach @ 616 402-1600



The session is full. Check other dates for openings.

FOREST HILLS - Practice in 2 locations

The session is full. Check other dates for openings.

LAKESHORE - Practice in Ferrysburg

The session is full. Check other dates for openings.


Click on LOCATIONS below to register for sessions.  Sessions occur before or after SPRING TEAM training.  You will receive a login and password to register for free for these sessions after Spring Team payment is received.